E-liquids refer to the flavored liquids that are used in e-cigarettes. As technology advances, almost all sectors have benefited from more electronic inventions. For firms dealing ...

E-liquids refer to the flavored liquids that are used in e-cigarettes. As technology advances, almost all sectors have benefited from more electronic inventions. For firms dealing with leisure products, the invention of vape pens has seen the development of other related products such as the e-liquids used in e-cigarettes. Due to their popularity, some people tend to believe that e-cigs could replace the ordinary cigarettes in the future. E-liquids often comprise of different ingredients similar to those found in cigarettes including propylene, nicotine, and water. E-liquids are often referred to as e-juices and are available to consumers in different flavors that have varying nicotine percentages.

E-liquids are consumed by vapers hence the need to ensure that they are stored properly. Most of the people who have difficulties storing e-liquids often do not have the proper knowledge about the products. Failure to store e-liquids properly is risky because it could compromise their quality.

Here are tips to help you get it right when it comes to storing your e-liquids:

  1. Check the expiry date: The first tip on how you should store your e-liquids is by checking the expiry date. The expiry date is important because expired e-liquids are of poor quality and their flavors could be lost in the process. Many e-liquids are manufactured with a lifespan of two years. As a result, any e-liquid that has been around for more than two years from the date it was manufactured could be expired. Once the e-liquid has expired, you will not derive the flavor and enjoyment that you would want to get from vaping.
  2. Consider replacing the plastic bottles with dark-amber glass bottles: Most manufacturers of e-liquids often package them in transparent plastic bottles that are designed to work for a short time. If you intend to store your e-liquid for an extended time, however, you will need to look for dark-amber glass bottles and transfer the liquid into them. The dark glass bottles do not allow a lot of light into them, which means that there is little risk of oxidation. Oxidation can compromise the flavor of your e-liquids because it facilitates the growth of mold and bacteria in your e-liquid, thus making it unsafe for use.
  3. Store your e-liquids in a cold dark area away from light and heat: It is important to know that most e-liquids are sensitive to light and heat. As such, storing them in a well-lit and warm area can compromise their quality and flavor. To ensure that you extend the lifetime of your e-liquid, you should store it in a dark cold room. If you are carrying them in your car, ensure that you keep them away from the direct sunlight and in a dry cold place. Some of the areas at home where you can easily store your e-liquids include the medicine cabinet, freezer, refrigerator, or in a basement where light is limited.
  4. Consider storing your e-liquids in high cabinets: E-liquids are meant for adults only. As a result, they should be kept out of reach of children and pets if you have them. This is because e-liquids have different levels of nicotine in them, which means that they can be harmful to children or pets if inhaled hence the need for safe keeping. You can keep them in high up cabinets or in lockable shelves where children or pets cannot access them. When storing e-liquids in a cabinet, ensure that the temperatures are at room level away from any source of heating or lighting.
  5. To avoid accidental consumption of e-liquids, consider informing the people with whom you share the home or office of the product. This will ensure that they know the bottle contains a product that comprises of nicotine, thus avoiding it. It is also important to ensure your e-liquid is properly labeled so that it clearly states what it is. This will make anybody who comes across it aware that it is an e-liquid. Such precautions will prevent any accidental usage of the product.