Right now, in the 21st century, everything is political. Even the private issues and the views become about politics, and the young people are the ones ...

Right now, in the 21st century, everything is political. Even the private issues and the views become about politics, and the young people are the ones who can’t draw the line and are dragging politics into their daily life. This way, even the social media becomes a part of the political struggle and you can see more and more activists for something online.

The Structure of Facebook Activism Explained

  • Activists usually know too little about their passion.
    This is the biggest issue with the activism of any kind when it becomes popular. There are a lot of people who don’t take much time to engage in reading and studying the issue. They simply catch some popular mottos and use those a lot, so if you hope to have a constructive dialogue, it’s not always possible.

  • There’s a high level of radicalism.
    Indeed, when the issue becomes politicized, it gets close to the religious kind of fundamentalism and radicalism. Quite often you can meet the people on Facebook who will be pretty close to Westboro Baptist Church on the scale of tolerance.
  • A lot of people are leaning towards the left side of the spectrum.
    When we think on activism and radicalism, it’s often the alt-right movements that come to mind, but there actually are more of the left-wingers there.
  • Social justice warriors are not really advocating for justice.
    This is also quite true with many of the activists, you won’t see the open-mindedness and the readiness to compromise. A lot of people will heavily judge you if you don’t agree with them and it’s definitely not about justice. Most of those are really young and belong to millennials.
  • There is a lot of censorship involved.
    Facebook is not opened for the opinions of any kind and it bans, blocks and hides a lot of messages and posts. There were a lot of recent arguments involving Facebook and the pressure on the conservative news and groups. There are also bans on the things like hate speech and some unpleasant or offensive content for the people. You can set your own settings to block the things like that.
  • It allows a lot of people to engage in a dialogue.
    This is true, social media and especially something as big as Facebook brings a lot of people together. For the most part, without social media, they would have never met and there wouldn’t be as many of the political stuff on the board.
  • Grassroots movements are on the rise in general.
    It seems that it’s the common trend and you can’t run away from that. People love groups, people want to be social, people like discussing things, and with the Internet, it becomes even easier.

Activism, in general, is never the thing of justice and constructivism. It’s clear that more and more people and movements are using social media to get the audience they need and gain new members. It’s expected that the tendency will only grow with the time and it’s highly unlikely that it will stop. Facebook is a good platform for activism and it allows you to easily find the people with the similar interests and ideas, so the factions are impossible to avoid with the globalization.

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