Red Ribbon Week, created as a tribute to fallen DEA agent Kiki Camarena, focuses on creating a drug-free America. As more lives in the United States ...

Red Ribbon Week, created as a tribute to fallen DEA agent Kiki Camarena, focuses on creating a drug-free America. As more lives in the United States are affected by drug use, it’s a week that has become very important in recent years. By wearing your red ribbon, you are showing others your commitment to doing what it takes to make America a country where drug use is no longer an issue. If you’re gearing up for Red Ribbon Week, here are eight tips you can use to help make the week a success.

1- Display Red Ribbons Throughout Your Community

To raise awareness, work with local civic groups to display red ribbons throughout your community. Along with having as many people as possible wear ribbons, place them on trees, mailboxes, car antennas, first responder vehicles, front doors of schools and churches, and any other place you can. More ideas on this suggestion can be seen here.

2- Work with Local Media

If you want your story told to as many people as possible, contact local media outlets. Chances are they will be happy to do a television interview, radio interview, or write a story in the local paper, all of which will get Red Ribbon Week well-known by everyone.

3- Invite Local Speakers

In every community, there are people who are always willing to talk to students and other groups about the consequences of drug use. Therefore, invite a speaker to address your group during the week. By doing so, their message is sure to resonate loud and clear with everyone in attendance, and it will also help to personalize the problem of drug use. Further details on this idea can be found here.

4- Faith-Based Activities

With causes such as this, churches are always willing to help. Therefore, contact local churches to see if they would be interested in participating in a variety of activities. These can include passing out red ribbons to their congregations, planning youth group activities aimed at raising awareness of drug abuse, and perhaps even planning a sermon centered on this issue.

5- Have a Red Ribbon Block Party

Since drug abuse has affected countless families everywhere, planning a block party for your neighborhood will likely produce at least one family whose lives have been affected by this problem. To make the party one to remember, have everyone wear red clothing, have red-colored foods, and have fun activities centered on the color red, such as face painting.

6- Plan a Parade

If there is one thing everyone loves, it’s a parade. By working with your local town or city council, as well as other government and non-government groups, you can plan a parade that may become an annual tradition. By having first responders, high school bands, and others participate, you’re sure to get quite a turnout on the big day.

7- Sporting Events

One of the best ways to make Red Ribbon Week a big success is to have it be part of a local sporting event, such as a football game. Whether high school or college, there are plenty of things you can do. For example, players can wear red stickers on their helmets, while coaches and referees can wear ribbons on their shirts. Along with this, cheerleaders can lead the crowd in special cheers emphasizing this issue, and you can arrange to have a moment of silence before the game starts or at halftime, where those in attendance can remember and pay tribute to those whose lives have been lost due to drugs.

8- Red Ribbon Hall of Fame

To recognize individuals who have overcome drug addiction, as well as people and organizations who have helped fight this battle, create a Red Ribbon Hall of Fame to show your appreciation and admiration for their efforts. If possible, publish it in the local newspaper, or have a TV station do a short story on it. By doing so, you’ll show others just how much you care.

By using some or all of these eight tips, Red Ribbon Week will be the best one yet. While it may be a tremendous amount of work, putting together these activities will pay off in the long run.