You are excited to have found the home of your dreams and are ready to make an offer. It is great that you are so excited, ...

You are excited to have found the home of your dreams and are ready to make an offer. It is great that you are so excited, but don’t forget to get a home inspection before closing the deal. Dozens of new homeowners find themselves in financial crises shortly after moving into their new homes because they failed to have a professionalanalyze all facets of the property. Here are five reasons why you should invest in a home inspection.

1. You know what you are getting
There is little worse than paying tens of thousands of dollars for a home with more problems than it’s worth. A home inspection outlines what you can expect from your new investment and gives you the opportunity to determine whether or not you want to go through with the deal. Some potential homeowners rescind their offers after learning that their would-be residence requires a roof and other major repairs. Other buyers use necessary fixes highlighted in an inspection as negotiating tools.

2. You can demand sellers pay for major repairs
Presenting ultimatums when the housing market is hot for sellers may leave you out of luck. Using the results from home inspections to leverage the price or overall condition of the home during a buyer’s market, however, is ideal. You can either revise your offer to account for repairs needed or look for another house that may be cheaper. Either way, you stand to save money when a home inspection is conducted before closing the deal.

3. You can better prepare for longevity
home inspection can be beneficial even if you decide to purchase a home in need of repairs. You can use the report to gauge how much money you should set aside for home improvement and miscellaneous costs. Judging the life expectancy of the roof is much easier when you have documentation that shows the last time a major repair occurred.

Having an idea of when major repairs may be necessary is especially beneficial to first-time homeowners. It is already a major shock to have the responsibility of everything, including utilities usually covered by a landlord, fall on their shoulders. The last thing that new buyers need is to have a major dilemma threaten their ability to reside in the home they just purchased. Having a home inspection gives consumers the opportunity to plan for serious issues properly.

4. An inspection reveals illegal installations
The city does not look at the previous owner when it discovers problems with the facility. Municipalities, instead, fine current homeowners for problems with the property and expect them to rectify the issue. You could find yourself paying hundreds of fines and thousands to fix a problem that you did not create if you bypass a home inspection.

Thorough analyses of residences allow a professional surveyor to discover code violations that could lead to legal problems in the future. You can, after learning of such problems, choose to walk away from the property or opt to fix the issue at a substantially reduced asking price. In either case, you are spared from the headache of being punished for something that you did not create.

5. Home inspections bring about new levels of safety
Money is not always the bottom line. Safety, in fact, means everything when you buy a home for yourself and the family. Imagine the possibility of half of the home caving in on your children as they sleep all because you failed to have a surveyor analyze the residence before you closed the deal. Home inspections not only save you money, but they also ensure a level of safety that you cannot get without thorough analysis.

A Home inspection should be a part of the property purchasing process for more reasons than one. You can save bundles of money and have an added level of comfort by hiring a professional analyst.