1. Widen Your Shopping Pool With the rise of athletic and “athleisure” clothing, there are tons of stores and brands that specialize in workout gear. But ...

1. Widen Your Shopping Pool

With the rise of athletic and “athleisure” clothing, there are tons of stores and brands that specialize in workout gear. But if you are on a budget or are just starting out in the fitness world, you can find apparel that is similar quality for a fraction of the price. Check out the workout attire selection in big box stores like Target and Wal-Mart and in your favorite mid-range retailers like Forever 21, Old Navy, and H&M. You can build a workout wardrobe of fun colors and unique prints that will motivate you and won’t kill your bank account.

2. Wear Orange

If you want to up your gym game instantly, try adding some bright orange pieces to your exercise wardrobe. When our brains see the color orange, we feel a boost of energy and associate it with vitality, endurance, and activity. The hue is also proven to stimulate creativity and enthusiasm, so an orange top or sneakers are perfect for those days you just can’t motivate yourself to hit the gym. Wearing orange can even reduce feelings of self-consciousness. If you are feeling intimidated by super fit people at your gym, slip on something bright orange to give yourself a confidence boost!

3. Add a Headband

Accessories are the cheapest and easiest way to punch up your wardrobe. If you have longer hair that falls in your face when you exercise, add some fun and functional headbands to your workout attire. They come in tons of bold colors and fun prints, perfect for adding a pop of style without committing to neon or crazy patterned clothes. Plus they are relatively inexpensive so you can spice up your same old workout outfits without draining your bank account.

4. Buy Multi-Purpose Items

“Athleisure” wear is having a moment right now, so why not take advantage of that to save yourself a few bucks? According to Fitness 19, buy items you can wear out of the gym and into the street. Making your clothes do double duty can save you lots of money! Try leggings with leather or mesh details, swanky sneakers, chic fitted sweats, or a flowy open-back sweater. You won’t have to change before racing off to your next errand, so this tactic saves money and time. You will have stylish pieces that will make you the envy of the gym or studio!

5. Don’t Shy Away From DIY

Today’s workout clothes are full of funky cutouts and unique necklines. If the name brands aren’t in your budget, why not try your hand at making them yourself? Buy a few t-shirts or long sleeved tops in basic colors on the cheap during a sale or from inexpensive retailers. Then grab your scissors and get crafty! Choose looks to replicate or create your own unique pieces. You can even check out YouTube for tutorials. You’ll feel stylish and accomplished when you hit the gym in your new creations!

6. Swap Til You Drop

Have some fitness-minded friends around your same clothing size? Why not organize a workout clothes swap? Obviously you don’t want to trade your stretched-out, sweaty yoga pants, but maybe there’s a piece in your closet that doesn’t fit right or you don’t love as much as when you bought it. You never know what awesome workout clothes your pals might have collecting dust in their closets, too! Check out online and local swap meets too to get cool new attire for little to nothing.

7. Stock Up On Staples

Switching up your workout routine is important, but there is really no need to buy separate outfits for each thing. Spend your money on fun pieces you really love that you can wear for everything from yoga to CrossFit. Funky printed leggings, a few good-quality sports bras, and some sweat-wicking tanks are useful no matter what your fitness style. By purchasing pieces you really want to wear that can see you through any workout, you will feel more motivated and save money, too.

8. Rock Some Socks

Wearing cushy socks that won’t slip down while you exercise can make your workout infinitely better. While some athletic socks can be crazy expensive, check out trusted brands like Hanes or Fruit of the Loom for a more affordable version. They come in lots of colors so you can show a pop of personality while keeping your feet comfy.

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