As today’s business world becomes more competitive, companies large and small are always looking for ways to stay ahead of their competition. With the increased use ...

As today’s business world becomes more competitive, companies large and small are always looking for ways to stay ahead of their competition. With the increased use of technology and mobile devices by both businesses and their customers, online tutorials have become very popular in recent years. Since customers now want and expect to be able to conduct business on their schedule, it’s imperative to include online tutorials as part of your business strategy. Not only can they create happy customers, but they can actually increase the value of your business. To find out how, here are five ways you may want to keep in mind.

Attracting New Customers

If you want to grow your business into one that is successful and profitable year after year, you’ll need to continually attract new customers. For those businesses that incorporate online tutorials into their business strategy, that’s exactly what happens. Particularly useful for companies that deal in products or services that are considered new and innovative or simply need easy-to-understand instructions, online tutorials can prove to be a great way to attract new customers. By using this technique, a company can quickly set itself apart from the competition.

Product Announcements

Along with getting new customers, online tutorials can also be used in conjunction with announcing a new product or service for customers. Not only does it create a buzz surrounding your company, but it also lets you approach the announcement and tutorial from many different angles. For example, rather than simply having a dry and dull announcement, the tutorials allow you to inject a sense of humor into the announcement, making sure your customers will remember it day after day.

Employee Recruitment

By having online tutorials for your products or services, you may actually be able to use these to recruit some of the top employees in your industry. Viewed by most business executives as the most important function of any company, online tutorials can be used in a number of different ways. For example, along with demonstrating how a product or service is to be used, the tutorial can also let you provide key information about your company, letting you spread the message to thousands or even millions of individuals. By featuring company employees in these tutorials, you can promote your company’s culture and greatly increase your applicant pool.

Employee Training

While most people assume online tutorials are only for customers, the fact is many of today’s leading companies also use them to train their own employees. A very efficient method of training employees in a variety of methods and techniques, tutorials can help a company save thousands of dollars per year. By being able to eliminate time-consuming and tedious one-on-one training sessions, companies can instead ensure employees can be trained all at once, enabling the company to be sure everyone has the same knowledge at the same time. And in addition to this, the online tutorials also allow employees who may have questions to go back and review the information anytime they wish, resulting in well-trained workers.

Customer Testimonials

If you really want to convince new customers to use your products or services, let them watch videos of other satisfied customers. By incorporating customer testimonials into your online tutorials, you’re virtually guaranteed to see an increase in your customer base. By building a level of trust with your customers, these videos are a virtual goldmine for your company. Becoming a more popular marketing technique with companies of all sizes, this marketing technique is sure to be used by more and more businesses in the years to come.

Since practically any business today needs to have an online presence to be successful, it’s clear online tutorials will only grow in popularity. Whether it’s using them to educate customers on how to use new products or services, incorporating customer testimonials into the tutorials, or training and recruiting employees, this technology can add significant value to your business. By embracing it and taking advantage of its many uses, there’s no doubt you and your business will see tremendous benefits in the years ahead.